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How Much Does it Cost to Create an App?

Learn what it takes to create your app! Fulcrum calculator makes a rough* estimate of all app development costs. Ready?

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What’s Fulcrum app calculator?

It’s a free tool to help you estimate ballpark time & costs needed to develop your future app. Get them just in several minutes!

Why to use it?

  • Find out hours needed to build your app
  • Calculate the approximate price of the project (based on the average rates in Ukraine)
  • PM, BA, QA & design hours are also included
  • Learn both optimistic & pessimistic estimates
  • Get your project team structure
  • Receive email with your estimates in just 1 minute!

How does it work?

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    Choose the

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    Select app’s

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    Get time & costs

* these are rough estimates. Our app cost calculator here gives you initial idea what you might (or might not) need.